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New Keynote and Workshop






Comprehensive 2 day program runs next:



April 3 & 4, 2019



May 20 & 21, 2019 




In 2019 - I'll be coming to New Zealand again






 It's not 'drawing'...



with Lynne Cazaly
using The Visual Mojo Method
1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations

or... contact Lynne to arrange a workshop at your workplace 







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    For businesses, social enterprise and charitable organisations


    Third Sector Thought Leadership


    A strategic program to identify, develop and advance your organisation's thinking and competitive edge

    It's harnessing the brilliance in your organisation and leveraging it to advance the agenda.



    What's on your organisation's agenda? 
    How are you progressing the thinking, positioning and success of your organisation?

     How are you capturing and leveraging the ideas, innovation, expertise and intellectual property that exists across the organisation?  


    Work with Lynne Cazaly as she takes you beyond your strategy.

    Working with a team from across your organisation - whether it's the senior leaders, executive, board or identified emerging and top talent - the program brings opportunities for professional development, customer insights, marketing and branding, client engagement and the development of intellectual property. 


    What's it's about:

    The program is tailored to your organisation and team and includes four phases, modules, or elements of: 


    1. Sensemaking (SITUATION)

    What's going on? Where are we heading? Why this path? What are we needed for?


    2. Strategy (DIRECTION)

    What will we do about the situation?


    3. Thought Leadership (EXPERTISE)

    What do we know and think? Where is our uniqueness? What knowledge, expertise and IP can we 'tap' and leverage?


    4. Campaign (CONNECTION)

    What will we do? What will we say? How will we share it?


    Additional modules and elements of focus that can be included into the program are available on: 


    • Future Thinking
    • Productivity
    • Collaboration and Relationships
    • Social Media
    • Branding and Positioning
    • Customer and User Experience
    • Business Agility
    • Technology Transformation
    • Business Model Thinking



    Contact Lynne Cazaly to have an initial conversation or meeting to talk about how we could work together to Advance the Agenda.