Comprehensive 2 day program

2018 Dates

Quarter 1

Melbourne: Feb 12 & 13

Brisbane: Mar 19 & 20






 It's not 'drawing'...



with Lynne Cazaly
using The Visual Mojo Method
1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations

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      Change Leaders Program

      An intensive inhouse 1 day workshop for managers, project managers and team leaders on the design, engagement and execution of change





      How do you engage the disengaged and inspire them for change?

      How do you align people and get them focused on the shift that’s needed?

      As leaders we need to be innovative with change solutions to ensure teams buy in, commit and implement change.

      “This program is the key to developing understanding, ideas and techniques that you can implement on a daily basis. It’s about the design, engagement and execution of change in a way that people value … and then they will be a part of the change as a result.”


      This intensive one-day program in three parts is about developing leaders who can create and shape change in organisations. It covers three critical elements of change:

      • Design
      • Engage
      • Execute


      1. Design

      As a leader you need to be able to work with a model for change that suits your team, your culture, your initiatives.

      The problem with current models of change is that they focus on grief, endings, resistance and death. How uninspiring! Who wants to buy in to that? This module draws on design thinking and how it can be leveraged, edited and applied to workplace change.

      You’ll learn:

      • How to apply three different models of thinking to leading change
      • How successful change leaders apply lessons from other fields
      • How change programs can incorporate design that appeals and inspires 


      2. Engage

      This is the cornerstone of change - it's all about how change is communicated. How are your people engaged and inspired by change?

      This module includes Lynne Cazaly's ‘9 quadrants model’ comprising all of the change leader tools for engagement – in both written and verbal communication.

      It covers the four elements of communicating anything to anyone!

      Plus Lynne Cazaly will share a host of ideas, tips and skills for creating engaging communication tools from her extensive communication experience.  

      You’ll also have the opportunity to apply these engagement and communication techniques to your own change program or workplace initiative and workshop it on the day. 


      3. Execute

       This module takes you through the leadership skills to handle what happens when change and transformation is underway. It’s about the people you lead, how you lead them and how you handle the interactions with them.

      You’ll learn: 

      • A five-step model for change participation and involvement
      • Techniques to handle challenges, questions and concerns that arise during change
      • A push/pull model for leadership  – when do you lead, when do you support?

      ... plus, bring your questions, challenges and queries to apply Lynne’s Change Leaders Program Methodology in the workshop. 

      PLUS a Consultation Session:

      The workshop includes a follow up 1:1, one hour consultation session (Skype or Face to Face) with Lynne Cazaly.

       In the weeks after the workshop, Lynne will connect with you 1:1 to further help you apply your learning, answer your challenges and support you in your workplace role using her Change Leaders Program methodology. 


       Available as an inhouse program 



      Lynne Cazaly

      Lynne Cazaly is a communications specialist with an extensive background in leading and communicating about change in highly creative environments. She is focused on helping build confident leaders who are able to lead complex change and transformation projects.

      Change can be hard: the before, the during and the after all have their hurdles, challenges and hiccups. Messages and information often don’t get through; teams are change weary and leaders are looking for a new way to inspire, engage and deliver on the next program of change. 

      Lynne’s Change Leaders Program is practical, insightful, humourous and creative. The program is like having an air traffic controller for change. The program helps you get the important things lined up and ready to ‘land change’ for your project, program or piece of work.

      Lynne runs 1, 2 or 3 day in-house change leaders programs and delivers key content from the programs in conference keynote and workshop presentations, applicable to any industry or any change and transformation they’re embarking on.

      She has worked with manufacturing, financial services, health, logistics and consumer goods businesses guiding them through the key elements of change: from the design, to engagement and ultimately… execution.

      This Change Leaders Program provides a framework and a range of practical techniques to support leaders as they deal with the challenges of change and transformation that are a given in today’s workplaces.