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with Lynne Cazaly
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1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations

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SYDNEY - June 27

PERTH - October 7

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    4 Online Sessions - 2019

    Facilitation Skills are proving to be some of the most collaborative, impactful and influential leadership skills of our time. 

    With an increasing need to get people to buy-in to projects, come on board with new initiatives and contribute their diverse thoughts and ideas in meetings, you can't leave it up to 'them' to play nice or perform at their best. You need to do something as a leader, consultant, expert and adviser whenever you're working with a group of two people or more. 



    In this Facilitation Skills Masterclass series, four online hour-long sessions will address some of the topics I get asked about the most. 

    COMPLETED : Session 1: February 6 (but access to recording is available to purchase)

    Facilitating Large Scale Events or Large Groups 

    This first class will tackle large scale events... participants who number more than say 20, 40, 80, 100, 250...What do you do with them? How do you structure or organise it all? What other support might you need? What is different to this than facilitating a smaller group session of 6 or 15 people? What do you need to beware 


    COMPLETED : Session 2: March 20 (but access to recording is available to purchase)

    Designing and Creating Games, Activities and Interesting Stuff

    How do you keep people interested, engaged, active? If you fear that drop in energy or engagement in a workshop or session, let's look at how you can design and create games, activities and other interesting stuff to put you at ease and get the group doing something. But beware.... don't confuse high energy and high engagement. 

    Where do you get ideas for activities? How do you design them? How do you make them interesting and relevant? 


    Session 3: May 1

    Facilitating a Tough Crowd 

    Not all workshop sessions are joyous! Sometimes there are significant challenges in the team, group, culture or organisation that can lead to a 'tough' session for a facilitator. Experienced facilitators might have their go-to techniques or ways of working... but what do you do to handle things like cynicism, rudeness, hidden agendas, coalitions working against the session, breakaway groups, negativity, and other things that can make us feel less like facilitating... more like running away! 

    How do you handle and respond to situations that you find challenging and that the group is struggling with too?


    Session 4: June 5

    Facilitating Learning 

    Training, learning and the way we build skills are changing. The idea that people arrive at a workshop with a 'train me' attitude is giving way to a 'what do I need to learn today?' mindset. This is where people are increasingly responsible for their own learning. How do you lead or facilitate sessions where people need to learn new things, adopt new skills or build competencies? How can you be a contemporary facilitator that helps people take greater responsibility for their learning - rather than expecting it to be bestowed on them? What activities do you run? How do you structure the session? What do we need to do differently? 



    2019 Dates :

    2 sessions COMPLETED (but the recordings are still available for purchase with the four ticket option): February 6, March 20



    May 1

    June 5


    Sign up to the Masterclass - ticket options include doing just one session, all four... or take all four PLUS a 1:1 coaching session to support your development.

    You'll have the opportunity to contribute your questions and ideas both prior to and during the session.

    It will be recorded and you'll be able to access it and revisit the wonderful learnings, insights, tips and skills again and again in the future. 


    Online registration details to join the sessions you enrol in will be sent to you prior to each of the sessions. 



    $165 AUD per session

    $550 AUD per all four sessions for 2019

    $990 AUD per all four sessions plus a 1:1 coaching call with Lynne Cazaly 



    Masterclass sessions are one-hour duration and held from 8am - 9am Australian Eastern Time.


    Get tickets here