MELBOURNE: July 19 & 20

SYDNEY: July 25 & 26






 It's not 'drawing'...



with Lynne Cazaly
using The Visual Mojo Method
SYDNEY: August 23

1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations





A 90 day ONLINE program to write & publish your book 

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    m: +61 0419 560 677

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    Own Your Expertise - Grow Your Business

    If you're an independent consultant - like a coach, facilitator, trainer, speaker or writer, you know something!

    You have knowledge and expertise that people value - and once you've unpacked what that expertise is, you can commercialise it to significantly enhance your positioning and increase your income. 

    Lynne Cazaly is a Thought Leaders Partner and Mentor and helps experts commercialise their knowledge. 

    Contact Lynne Cazaly now to learn more about how thought leadership can help you sell your expertise. 

    Through a 1:1 program with you, over three half-day workshops (either via Skype wherever you are in the world, or face-to-face across, Australia), Lynne will guide you through developing up your intellectual property and launching it to the market. 


    Get started with your first session and leverage the momentum of action!


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    Lynne Cazaly is a partmer & mentor with Thought Leaders Business School and available to coach and mentor you 1:1



    Thought Leaders Business School

    As a mentor on Faculty at Thought Leaders Business School, Lynne Cazaly works with independent consultants, thought leaders, experts, coaches, facilitators and speakers. 

    If you'd like to boost your positioning, get known for your expertise, then check out the details of the school here 

    Or enquire about 1:1 mentoring on thought leadership with Lynne. 


    Roadshows in October 2016

    Thought Leaders Roadshow is your chance to spend a three-hour session with the founder of Thought Leaders, Matt Church and the Dean of Thought Leaders Business School, Peter Cook. They’ll be unpacking exactly what it takes to run a successful thought leaders practice.  
    We define a successful practice as one that makes $500k–$1.5M, working 50 to 200 days a year, with one or two support staff. Perhaps more importantly, you get to do work you love, with people you like, the way you want.
    The Roadshow is your chance to learn from two highly successful 'black belt' thought leaders, who know exactly what it takes to turn expertise into commercial success.
    You’ll learn:  
    • The five key decisions experts need to make to be commercially successful
    • The three most common ways that clever people sabotage their businesses
    • The one strategy that we use (and teach) to move up the revenue ladder
    • Why this is all about the money … but really not about the money at all
    • What our flagship program – Thought Leaders Business School – is all about  
    The cost is just $99, and includes a complimentary copy of "The Thought Leaders Practice: Do work you love with people you like the way you want", the Thought Leaders ‘bible’ for commercial success, and a couple of other materials we think you’ll find useful and interesting. We'd love to see you there.  
    Here are the details:  
    18 Oct, Tuesday
    Cliftons Melbourne
    1/440 Collins St.
    Melbourne VIC  
    20 Oct, Thursday
    UNSW CBD Campus
    Level 6, 1 O'Connell St.
    Sydney NSW  
    Let me know which session you'd like to attend and I'll register you as my guest.