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February 26


Facilitation Skills for Consultants, Experts and Thought Leaders


March 19/20


Leader as Facilitator


May 3


Facilitation Skills for Consultants, Experts and Thought Leaders


May 8/9


Leader as Facilitator

May 14


Visual Facilitation & Sensemaking

May 23


Visual Sensemaking

Half Day Workshop with Agile Australia 2018


June 20



June 22


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Make 2018 the year you resolve to change how your team runs its meetings

Save time.

Achieve outcomes.

Boost inclusion & engagement.  








Comprehensive 2 day program

2018 Dates

Quarter 1

Brisbane: Mar 19 & 20

Sydney: May 8 &  9






 It's not 'drawing'...



with Lynne Cazaly
using The Visual Mojo Method
1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations

MELBOURNE public workshop

May 23

or... contact Lynne to arrange a workshop at your workplace 




A 90 day ONLINE program to write & publish your book 

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    Build your productivity, complete the projects that matter and remove barriers like perfectionism, procrastination and competing priorities

    work directly with Lynne Cazaly

    one-to-one program

    over 90 days



    HACK: an ingenious solution for a tricky situation


    If you run your own business or are a consultant, contractor or provider of business services to clients, there are better ways to leverage your time, your thinking and your life that you might not be making the most of!


    Whenever you feel busy, short on time, overwhelmed, confused or seem like you're not making as much progress as you'd like, you need to be 'hacking'; that is, finding quick, clever, smart and sassy solutions to the way you're thinking, working and running your own show.


    Lynne Cazaly is a master of the hack; finding ingenious solutions to tricky situations.

    She is a creative thinker who is highly productive running her own practice as a speaker, facilitator, mentor and author. 


    So how does she do it all? She hacks. Lynne hacks everything from how how she reads, writes, collects information, how she travels, holidays, works, consults and creates. She hacks book writing, hacks how she works with clients (on hackathons) and hacks almost every aspect of her business. It's clever, creative and productive. 

    She has clever shortcuts, smartcuts and sharpcuts (not dangerous!) on what to do and how to do it in ways that save you time, pain, stress, shame, guilt and money. This all helps you get the projects that matter done. 


    Why Hack?

    Too often in life and in business we can feel like things are in chaos; too much to do in too little time and it is all over the place. We might find we're over committed or working long hours that aren't delivering the results we'd been hoping for and there doesn't seem to be a sensible way out of the mess.  

    When you commit to take control of the crazy, and try to really get on top of it, you can easily flip in to overwhelm. Where do you begin? What are your priorities? Which things should you do next? Then what comes after that? How do I do all this? Aaargh!

    At some point, you might get some things flowing nicely or get some momentum or ease but it's shortlived and life reverts to a general sense of busy. The word 'busy' is often worn as a badge of honour (or dishonour!) 'How are you going? Oh I've been soooooo busy!' or 'How's business? Are you busy?'

    It's such a waste to be living in this zone. It's a waste of days, weeks, months... and years! Don't be known for being busy. 

    At this point - and it is a point - is what I call 'The Hacking Point'. It's the place where you can stay in chaos, crazy, overwhelm and busy ... or you can find a way to step over and above that. 

    And to hack is the way to do that!\

    Clever, creative and ingenious solutions to get out of your own way and get on with starting, deciding and completing the projects and pieces of work that are important to you. 

    Using hacking as a tool to get the important stuff done is a way to help you find ingenious solutions to challenging situations. And this is a challenging situation - make no mistake. If you keep going like this, well, you won't keep going. You'll crash!



    So working with Lynne Cazaly on Go Hack Yourself, you'll discover The Hacking Point and begin to find greater focus. Together we'll identify the stuff that matters to you and how best to go about doing it and getting it done... no matter what that stuff is. 

    This doesn't mean you have to hack your whole life. Far from it. It's about finding some of the 'choke points' and bottlenecks; where are things stopping or slowing down; where are things not working for you...

    You'll learn a bunch of hacks that help you find ongoing ingenious solutions to the challenges you're facing in your business. You'll hack. Plain and simple. You may never look at the tasks, activities, projects and priorities you had in the same way once you've hacked.

    Once your mind is open to the hacks and smart thinking and pragmatic approaches to working on your business, you won't go back; you'll hack!

    With that knowledge of how to hack, stuff will get done. The important stuff. Whatever it is that matters to you to get done, you'll do it. You'll get out of your own way and you'll be living above The Hacking Point - you'll be putting hacks to work on your systems, structures, thinking, behaviours, programs, services, routines... and anything else in your work world that will benefit from a clever solution. 

    At this stage, you will be leveraging not wasting. Rather than wasting time, you'll be making the most of it - every second, minute and hour. In that way you'll be spending time on the stuff that matters and not stuck in chaos, overwhelm or busy. 

    You won't be busier; you won't be chaotic; you won't be in overwhelm. 

    You'll hack and you'll get it done. 


    Here's how we'll help you Go Hack Yourself

    In this one-to-one mentoring program over 4 sessions over 90 days Lynne Cazaly will work specifically with you and your business to help you find the hacks, solutions and ingenuity in what you can be doing to achieve greater focus and outcomes.

    There are three specific areas we work through to ensure the hacks, solutions and support are: 



    Through mentoring you'll get insights, advice, support and direct guidance on hacks and solutions that are 

    • QUICK
    • CLEVER, and
    • WORK for you. 


    Most of all Lynne is able to leverage the knowledge she has gained from hacks, hacking and hackathons from the software industry and how they are able to 'get sh*t done'.


    Program Details

    one-to-one mentoring over 4 sessions over 90 days 

    A 1/2 day session of 3 hours to start, to assess your business challenges, barriers, perfectionism or procrastination points and where you want to make improvements, reduce wastage and gain leverage

    3 x 1 hour sessions - a session each month to help you focus, prioritise, implement hacks, respond to the impact it's having on your business and generate new solutions.


    Program Fee

    $4000 AUD + gst


    Work with Lynne Cazaly directly

    Email Lynne Cazaly now to enquire with questions, availability or to get started right away!