Leader as Facilitator


May 3


Facilitation Skills for Consultants, Experts and Thought Leaders


May 8/9


Leader as Facilitator

May 14


Visual Facilitation & Sensemaking

May 23


Work and Hack Day 

May 30


Facilitation Skills for Consultants, Experts and Thought Leaders


June 14/15



Visual Sensemaking

Half Day Workshop with Agile Australia 2018


June 20



June 22




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Make 2018 the year you resolve to change how your team runs its meetings

Save time.

Achieve outcomes.

Boost inclusion & engagement.  








Comprehensive 2 day program

2018 Dates

Quarter 1

Sydney: May 8 &  9

Melbourne: June 14 & 15






 It's not 'drawing'...



with Lynne Cazaly
using The Visual Mojo Method
1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations

MELBOURNE public workshop

May 23

or... contact Lynne to arrange a workshop at your workplace 




A 90 day ONLINE program to write & publish your book 

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    1 day Facilitation Skills Program

     for Leaders in Organisations


    available as an in-house program at your workplace or as a a workshop or masterclass at your conference event




    The capability to facilitate is increasingly becoming one of this decade's critical skills for leadership.

    These elegant, collaborative and engaging capabilities are no longer just for trainers, presenters or group and process practitioners.

    Executives, business analysts, project managers, middle level team and people leaders as well as those new to managing and leading a team are seeing and experiencing the benefits of being able to

    - engage with a group or team,

    - draw information from that group, and then

    - help them collaborate to achieve an agreed outcome.

    For experienced leaders, the landscape is also changing: leadership styles continue to evolve and shift. The days of telling people what to do is gone; greater engagement, influence and impact is how leaders are getting things done.

    And add to these changes the diversity of teams today. Different ages, generations, cultures, languages, interests and motivations; finding ways of engaging, involving and working with them is totally up to the leader, not the team or the individual. Expecting people to 'be engaged' is a cop out. Leaders of today need to elicit the involvement and engagement of their team.

    People on your team need to feel like they want to be engaged in the plan, strategy and vision. They will contribute their input and give discretional effort if the environment is right. Leaders can do so much to create the right environment and set up the processes that will help that team work together and collaborate.

    But make no mistake, facilitation is not ‘soft’ work. There are many effective and well-structured approaches and techniques that high performing facilitators use to achieve swift, creative and relevant outcomes with a group.


    The leader as facilitator needs to balance:

    • Achieving outcomes
    • Boosting engagement
    • Driving productivity
    • Encouraging contribution

    Understanding how to be a Leader as Facilitator puts all of these imperatives to work in contemporary workplaces.

    Overall it’s about the culture of leadership that you create and how you support your teams using your capability to influence organisational culture. 


    Read the Whitepaper:

    The Changing Role of Leadership... and the Rise of Leader as Facilitator




    Interested in an ENTERPRISE PROGRAM?

    Lynne Cazaly's Leader as Facilitator Program is available inhouse for your teams and people as a 

    • 1 day Taster Program - just like the Public Program
    • 3 day MasterClass (3 sessions over 90 days)
    • 8 day Immersion (run over 8 - 12 months)



    Contact Lynne Cazaly for the Leader as Facilitator Enterprise Information Pack and to schedule a one day program as a starter...

    ... and to talk about your needs to shift and develop the leadership culture in your team and organisation.