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1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations

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SYDNEY - June 27

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    Ready to Speak

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    Are you Ready to Speak? 

    Share your message
    We all have incredible messages to convey and stories to share with others.
    The opportunity for us to present our thinking and ideas at conferences, meetings, summits and events seems to have become more accessible. People like hearing from other people!
    With the rise of issues like #allmalepanel and the call for greater diversity on panels and at conferences, there are increasing opportunities for people of all cultures, ages, thoughts, messages and styles to speak at public, business, community and industry events.

    Let's get you Ready to Speak...
    Know that this 1:1 mentoring program is not about preparing a PowerPoint presentation! It's about developing you as a speaker; what you say, how you say it.
    It’s for you if you:
    • Have been booked to present at a conference 
    • Have presented before at conferences and would like to lift your game
    • Would like to manage or reduce nerves or anxiety you may have felt when you’ve been asked to speak
    • Want to identify your key messages for speaking and presenting
    • Want a development day to give you clarity, focus and increased confidence to speak
    Working directly with Lynne Cazaly you’ll get clear and direct feedback, instruction, advice and coaching.
    It’s a rapid development mentoring program and you’ll receive all you need to get you ready to hit the stage and present with impact and influence. 

    Ready to Speak gets you:
    • Ready : prepared with content, key messages and inspiring information
    • Ready: able to present at short notice or with a tight timeframe
    • Ready: on the spot - if you have the opportunity to speak or present at an event you are attending, you’ll be ready!

    Why speaking? 
    Speaking in public is a skill that can be learned, honed and finessed.
    It’s a career path catalyst; it can open doors, create new connections, build business and create remarkable opportunities. 
    It's a vital - but often feared - part of leadership.
    It's a fundamental part of communication and we can all do it better. 
    But often there is that fear that if we speak poorly and it might reflect on our skills, opportunities or career - speak well and we will be able to leverage our existing experiences and talents and achieve some wonderful next steps. 

    This is your leader speaking
    There are some clear realities about being a leader and needing to speak in public: 
    • Much of our influence is achieved by our face to face conversations and presentations with others
    • Leaders are called on to speak in so many situations and environments including town hall settings, or all of staff meetings, presenting at a meeting, pitching to clients, running training or facilitating a session, speaking at a conference or summit or staff gathering
    • Contemporary speaking in public is a slightly different skill to what we might have learnt at school
    • Audiences are increasingly used to seeing captivating TED talks and entertaining professional speakers; let’s know what to say and how to say it to hit the mark with the sessions we need to speak at or the panels and conferences we are invited to present at
    • In a way, perhaps the public speaking bar has been raised. There is a need to be clear, inspiring, entertaining, insightful … all at once! How do we lift our performance and style without spending months doing it?
    • And importantly, how do we stay authentic and true to ourselves without spending weeks preparing a presentation?

    Ready to Speak 
    This mentoring program with Lynne Cazaly will guide you in:
    • how to prepare your content
    • how to deliver your message
    • how to handle nerves
    • how to handle tricky questions or challenging situations
    • how to be ready to speak at a moment’s notice
    • how to take the next steps with your public speaking 
    If you’re already speaking, let’s fine tune what you say, how you say it and how you feel about speaking.
    If you’re new to speaking, here’s the fresh start to set you up for a successful path ahead of speaking in public.
    If you’re terrified about the thought of speaking, I’ll guide you through the steps and process to get Ready to Speak.
    "I’ve seen many people speak - and while they have some great ideas and content, there are often some performance or mindset issues that let them down or prevent them from doing the best they could do. 
    Conversely, I’ve seen some great speakers but they’re very light on content - or worse, they have plenty of content but it’s badly organised or it isn’t organised in a way that is engaging or interesting for the audience." - Lynne Cazaly

    Why Lynne Cazaly
    I’m a professional speaker; I’ve developed a speaking, training and presenting career over the past ten years and can share my insights, learnings and tips.
    With 15 years experience as a radio broadcaster I’ve handled nerves, vocal issues, breathing, speaking and 'keeping it together' in some challenging situations.
    As a stage performer, comedian and improviser, I’ve presented to audiences and groups and learned the best things to do and the most important things to avoid.
    As a trainer and facilitator with thousands of hours under my belt in front of groups ranging from 2 people to 1000s, I’ve handled hecklers, questioners … and adoring fans! Yes, once you’re Ready to Speak, people will notice what you’re saying and be interested to connect, keep in touch and hear more from you. They'll be keen to hear your messages, stories and the experiences you have to share. 

    What people say

    In one day I have overcome my fear of public speaking. Practical, no nonsense. Lynne not only made us better at the delivery but I now have skills to plan and prepare content - Ann Cunningham

    Such sharp suggestions to pull a presentation together. Thank you - you have proven I don't need to 'hide behind' the powerpoint - L Smith

    I feel much more confident in planning a talk. The diagrams and structures were so helpful and cover everything. Lynne was so inspiring and engaged us all day. I learnt so much about planning and body language and it was so helpful getting feedback - Paige England

    The ultimate multi-tasker Lynne Cazaly presenting while drawing live, while having us all in stitches all the while delivering gold nuggets of wisdom - Grace Bowe

    Oh Lynne, you are pure GOLD! A funny, creative, gracious, purposeful, smart and living on purpose author, leader and change management extraordinaire! - Nik Hatherly

    Thank you! Just brilliant! The skills I've learnt in developing better presentation skills; the frameworks; your honesty, humour and knowledge - Mandy Maglaras


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