MELBOURNE: October 26 & 27





 It's not 'drawing'...



with Lynne Cazaly
using The Visual Mojo Method
SYDNEY: August 23
1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations





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    Where could mentoring help you?

  • selling your value
  • building your business
  • facilitation skills
  • leadership impact
  • visual thinking
  • the ins and outs of business
  • consulting skills
  • marketing
  • brainstorming and idea generation
  • strategic planning 
  • trouble shooting and problem solving
  • product development
  • what to do next
  • feedback on marketing initiatives






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    Contact Lynne Cazaly

    e: info@lynnecazaly.com

    m: +61 0419 560 677

    PO Box 414, Albert Park   VIC   3206 AUSTRALIA




    For many people, the thought of running their own business or working on their own fills them with half fear, half excitement. Could it be possible? How would it work? Am I up for this?

    For those who are already running their own show, questions often crop about about building, growing, being more efficient, doing more of what you love and how to price and value or package up your services.

    So whether you're thinking of doing your own thing, you are already, or you would like to make more happen with what you're doing, here's your opportunity.

    Tap into Lynne Cazaly's knowledge, experience, advice and network through her 1:1 mentoring program. 

    Doing your own thing is about working with Lynne Cazaly one-to-one.

    You can start wherever you are, and get to wherever you want.

    With Lynne's advice, support, direction and guidance, we'll be working together to make doing your own thing even more of ... your own thing!


    Where are you at... and where do you want to get to?


    Some people think 'just... no', they DISMISS the idea of ever working for themselves or running their own business.

    DOUBT can kick in, where you think... 'could I?'

    These are both FEAR based responses. Fear of unknown, fear of failure, and fear that you may not have what it takes to do this. Yet these are natural fears to taking on a new challenge. 

    So it's not until you start to WONDER about the possibilities of doing your own thing that you start to see what might be. You can begin to think 'what if...' and you can imagine how an alternative to your current situation could work. Right now, you might be in a job role you don't like, or in an organisation that just doesn't feel like a good fit. You may have experienced the shock of redundancy or retrenchment or see that now is the opportunity to start doing your own thing.

    Here's where we can go... we can move from FEAR, to FLY. Let's launch this thing!

    When you DECIDE to do your own thing you're saying, 'yes it's something I'm going to do'; 'I'll have a go at this', 'I'll give it my best shot'. There's a bit of 'now or never' coming in to play. 

    From there you COMMIT, to doing the things that will make your business, idea or venture take off and you say 'let's go'. You're on the path to growth, building a profile, a business and a service that you - and others - value. 

    It's just a short step now to the ultimate level of doing your own thing where you CONNECT. You're doing the type of work that inspires you and delivering it in a way that connects to what you think, value and believe - you say 'bring it'. You're connected to your customers and clients, to the work you enjoy and to a style of life that's more rewarding, inspiring and impactful than where you were. 


    Where do you need mentoring advice and direction:

    • Making the move to set up your own business
    • Exploring market ideas and opportunities
    • Valuing and selling your professional services and expertise
    • Setting up a business or practice to work for yourself
    • Growing, positioning or marketing your services
    • Selling or influencing in presentations
    • ... or something else?


    Lynne will share with you the tools, techniques, models, insights and ideas that work to help you do your own thing. 


    You can choose the package of 1:1 mentoring in 'doing your own thing' that suits. 



    Get Started : $500 AUD + gst 

    The Discovery Session

    Here's where we talk through what you'd like to do and work out the plan for doing your own thing.

    No matter where you're at on the path to working for yourself, this session uncovers what's important to you, sets out the course of action for the next few weeks and gets you moving towards your greater goals. 


    30 days : $2500 AUD + gst

    Includes 4 sessions (1 per week) with Lynne Cazaly including advice, support and resources  



    90 days : $6000 AUD + gst

    Includes 8 sessions with Lynne Cazaly including advice, support and resources 



    12 months : $24000 AUD + gst

    Includes 4 x half day workshop sessions 1:1 every quarter and 12 sessions (1 x month) with Lynne Cazaly advice, support and resources 


    GET STARTED with 1:1 mentoring





    Lynne is a fabulous mentor.  She has the ability to take my ideas and help me to develop them, so at the end of the conversation I feel empowered, excited, and ready to push my boundaries further.  Knowing Lynne is at the other end of the phone if I need her gives me confidence to take on bigger and bigger projects. Thanks Lynne - you are a star!

    - Corrinne Armour



    About Lynne Cazaly

    She was the first woman to head up the fairly male dominated sport of yachting in the mid 1990s, has been a radio broadcaster since the age of 15, and has a extensive background in speaking, training and facilitating – working with groups ranging from 10 participants, to 2000 participants.

    Lynne established her own business in 1996 and since then has discovered the wonderful successes of being self-employed.

    Her expertise in areas of management, leadership, communications, training and facilitation combine to provide one highly talented and creative individual.

    Adding to this her performance experience in the world of improv and her highly developed passion and skill for graphic recording and visual thinking, and you have a driven woman who knows what works with individuals and groups – and in business too!

    She is an expert in engagement and communications – for individuals, groups and organisations.

    Her list of clients reads like a ‘who’s who’ of Australian and international business, featuring top 100 corporate organisations, respected and successful not for profits, sporting organisations, government and member based associations.

    Her greatest passion comes in the form of helping people and groups transform – their thinking and performance.

    Tap into this extensive range of knowledge, experience and know-how to get your goals and visions achieved: cut to the chase and learn what will work, what won’t and why with Lynne Cazaly.

    She’ll help you identify what you’re wanting, and share with you the ways to make it happen…

    Lynne Cazaly has a range of diverse experiences to bring to the table in a mentoring relationship with you. She is on Faculty at Thought Leaders Business School and mentors many entrepreneurs, business owners and thought leaders, helping them package up their ideas and expertise and position them in the market to build their business. 


     Questions or Enquiries?

    I cannot recommend Lynne highly enough as she has so many valuable tips and techniques to share which will help an individual succeed.

    - Jade Chew


    Lynne is a very talented and inspirational individual. One of the absolute best facilitators and coaches that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her creative ability is extraordinary.

    - Linda Pickering


    Lynne is a talented professional … with a wide variety of facilitation tools and skills combined with a vivacious personality Her additional bag of marketing skills provides a wealth of support to help a company’s success! 

    - Leigh Mawby


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