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April 3 & 4, 2019



May 20 & 21, 2019 




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with Lynne Cazaly
using The Visual Mojo Method
1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations

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    1/2 Day Workplace Session for your Team


    How to contribute your thoughts and ideas in meetings at work

    Who hasn't felt the fear of needing to contribute and speak up at a meeting but not knowing what to say, when to say it or how to say it?

    Sometimes there are too many people talking to get your voice heard; other times it seems like the decisions have already been made and there's nothing you can add or say. Still other times we'd like to speak up but are not sure if what we'll say will sound foolish or just plain wrong. And sometimes we'd like to say something but just aren't sure when the right time is and how to phrase it. 

    In this engaging and practical session facilitated by Lynne Cazaly, you'll get to see lots of ways to contribute your thoughts and ideas in meetings, no matter the situation. The session will run like a meeting so you'll experience and see ways to speak up, contribute your thoughts, ask questions, participate and contribute with greater confidence and clarity.

    So many workplaces rely on meetings to consult and engage with team members. Often this is one of the few opportunities we have to put forward our views or speak our minds. If we're not feeling confident, we miss this opportunity and can be wrongly perceived as not being interested. 

    Gain tips, techniques and tools to:

    - prepare for a meeting

    - phrase and ask questions for clarification

    - explain your ideas and thoughts

    - raise topics or points that may be considered controversial or challenging. 


    The session includes examples of questions, phrasing, behaviours and statements you can make at your very next meeting. 

    Bring along your experiences and challenges as we find confident ways to get you contributing in workplace meetings and workshops like a champion!

    Enquire with Lynne Cazaly about running this session at your workplace.