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1 day practical workshop
Sydney AU - November 23
Sydney AU - January 19
Melbourne AU - January 20
Wellington  NZ - February 16
Auckland NZ - February 18
London UK -  March 3
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'Each week I delete plenty of enews and emails; this ain't one of 'em!' - Martin, Project Consultant
'There is always something helpful, interesting, impactful in your enews Lynne. Love your work!' - Tim - Project Manager/PMO

'Love it! A quick read with brilliant information, advice, support and ideas I can apply right away. Thank you.' - Jane, Team Leader

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Learn visual thinking, scribing, sketchnoting and graphic recording

Online Learning Program

Start when you like - what it when you like 

If you don't have the time for a full or half day workshops, or you're just not where Lynne's workshops are, sign up here and you'll get the skills and tips to:  

  • capture your thinking 
  • convey information, and 
  • collaborate with others.... 

and you don't need to know how to draw. 

Through this modular program, you'll be able to pick up the exact skills and techniques Lynne covers in her face-to-face workshops.

Lynne has recorded her coaching videos directly for you and these will show you how to bring some visual mojo back into your communications!

She'll cover the key skills to sketch whatever you need quickly and clearly to be an engaging communicator. 

The skills you'll pick up in this online program apply to all mediums: visual skills on flip charts, white boards, sketch books, smart boards, ipads and tablets or any other writing surface - blackboards, windows, napkins and serviettes or the back of an envelope or scrap of paper! 

Leonardo Da Vinci said that 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - get your message across quickly, clearly and avoid misunderstandings. Visual thinking will get you there! 

You just need access to a computer screen and be able to hear the audio in the videos and slidecasts. Make sure you've got your notepad and a pen handy to put all the skills in to practice straight away and at the pace that suits you. Then you'll be ready for your next meeting, workshop, conversation or think-tank. 

Online Learning Program

Includes a copy of Lynne's book Visual Mojo



 Once your payment has been received through PayPal, you'll be on your way.

Lynne will email you directly with login details for the learning centre. 

What people say:

We need to be more creative and innovative in our approach to communicate … this is an excellent mechanism to get creativity into the system!

Do the workshop -  you don't need to be an artist, animator or even creative.   Get in there in and  (just do it) !!

I would definitely recommend it, it's a one off experience, not many people know what it is, let alone have experienced such a great session with positive outcomes.

I thought going in ‘that I’m not really good at drawing – never took art so wondered if this would be a problem, but overcame that through the practice, feel more confident now to put some pictures on my charts

A more effective way of capturing key points of planning discussions with businesses - more engaging

More confidence in my capacity to use this approach to note taking and facilitation

Online Learning Program 


Once your payment has been received through PayPal, you'll be on your way. Lynne will email you directly with login details for the learning centre. 


Here's what we cover in Visual Mojo:

Module 1 : Let's Get Started

An introduction to why hand made, drawn in the moment visuals are proving so engaging and popular. 

Module 2 : Markers

Tools of any trade are vitally important. Here I show you what to look out for and how to use the best visual mojo tool around - a chisel tip marker!

Module 3 : Visual Writing

Visual thinking isn't all about pictures! Let's get your writing 'sorted out' and make sure it's worth looking at. It will be a wonderful asset to the visuals and images that are to come. 

Module 4 : Lines & Shapes

The foundation to great visual thining is working with basic shapes - line and shapes are it! They can achieve so much and are often forgotten or overlooked for the smarty-pants icons and visuals. Here we give lines and shapes their due respect!

Module 5 : Shapes for Text

Beyond the basic shapes we look at some other shapes and objects that can be great holders of important words in visual thinking. 

Module 6 : Visual People

Bring people into the visual picture by actually drawing them. There are some quick and simple ways to draw people that look alot more grown up than a childish 'stick figure'. 

Module 7 : Simple Icons & Visuals

Now we have shapes, people and text sorted out, it's time to move on to creating a dictionary of simple visuals you can use in visual thinking. 

Module 8 : Speed Sketch Game

Playing the Speed Sketch Game will add another 25 icons to your vocabulary. Then you can use these - and any others you think of in the moment - to add to your visual notes and ideas. 

Module 9 : Visual Mojo + Beyond

What now? You've completed Visual Mojo so it's time to look at some of the next steps to keep developing and building the mojo!


Online Learning Program 



Once your payment has been received through PayPal, you'll be on your way. Lynne will email you directly with login details for the learning centre.