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    October 3 & 4, 2019




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    Participants remark that this is 'the best program' they've attended in their career


    Going beyond consulting

    When you’re a consultant, advisor or expert, you spend a lot of your business time delivering advice, working with a client and helping them with your expertise and know-how.

    Sometimes you have to work with more than one person. Perhaps it’s a business owner and some of their staff; maybe it’s a project manager and some of the project team; or it could be a senior leader in an organisation and some of their stakeholders or colleagues. 

    Every time you’re working with more than one other person, it’s time to put facilitation skills to work. 

    Facilitation means ‘to make easier’. When you’re facilitating, you’re helping to make great progress and to get things done. 

    While a one-on-one conversation often involves coaching or consulting, working with a group of people (say 2 or more) involves using some additional capability - and that capability is facilitation. 



    Facilitation : another tool in your toolkit

    Increasingly the capability of facilitation is coming to the fore for consultants, subject matter experts and thought leaders. You find yourself working with your client and some of their team … as a group. And you’re helping them work on something or create something together… as a group.   

    You may have been asked by a client to run a group session, a workshop, work with them at a team day, assist with planning or creativity or innovation...  or some other type of gathering.   

    It makes sense to use facilitation. When a client wants to get several people in the room at once and work with them, they want to achieve an outcome.

    It may be to:

    • plan
    • design
    • decide
    • create
    • brainstorm
    • implement
    • solve
    • … or other business task or project. 

    As the facilitator, you’ll be able to help them achieve their outcome AND use your incredible expertise, knowledge and advice at the same time. 


    It's about being

    PRODUCTIVE: you help them get stuff done. 

    COLLABORATIVE: you help bring people together 

    CREATIVE: you help them do good work.


    For you using facilitation skills, you'll focus on the work that needs to be done, the way that work will be done, the people who you're working with, and the progress you'll help them make.



    This 2 day program, facilitated by Lynne Cazaly covers 9 modules.

    It addresses all the things you need to engage with a client about facilitating a session, preparing to facilitate, designing the event, coming up with ideas for activities and tasks, and then handling what happens during - and after - the facililtation of the actual workshop or session. 

    The 9 modules 

    1. EXPERTISE: What’s my expertise? What do I bring to working with a group or facilitating a team? What type of sessions could I facilitate? 

    2. NEEDS: Who are they? What are their needs? How do I best identify their requirements? Where is the 'gap' I can help them close? 

    3. RESPONSE: What is my response? How do I propose we close the gap? What is my response to their situation? How will I bring my specialist expertise to their situation? What do I do?

    4. OUTLINE: What does the session look like? What processes will we use and follow? What type of workshop or session will this be?

    5. AGENDA: Designing the session, in detail. What will happen, when? How will we make best use of the time available? What inspiring and creative games, tools, activities and resources will you use? You can't just 'wing it'. What will we do when we all come together? And if you're in a bit of a rut or seem to be running the same type of session... how might you shake that up? How can you be more creative? What other activities, tools and processes could you use? 

    6. FACILITATE: Conducting the session. What will I do on the day of the event? How do I set up the room or space, run the agenda? What things are needed on the day? How do I start things off? 

    7. ADAPT: The best laid plans may need to change. Now what? Handling what happens on the day and dealing with unexpected changes. How do I handle how people respond and work in the session? What if...? 

    8. TECHNIQUES: Tools, Tips, Techniques & Tricks: a collection of insights and learning no facilitator can be without when they're working with a group.  

    9. BEYOND: Wrap Ups, conclusions and ‘What Next?': How will I wrap up the day? How do we make sure we achieved something? What could we do next? How do I make sure there is ongoing opportunity for us to work together? What else could I do to support them with their work? 


    In addition to these modules, Lynne Cazaly runs a policy of 'any question at any time' and so there will be opportunities throughout the two days to ask questions, interact and contribute your challenges, thoughts, ideas and input. It wouldn't be facilitation otherwise!

    This provides you with a 'real life' environment to see and experience great facilitation skills in practice in the room during the program. 


    New to facilitation?

    If you’re new to facilitation as an expert or consultant, it’s a great time to make a clean start.

    You’ll be able to add to your toolkit and range of services, start with some professional insights, templates, tools and approaches, and add it to the list of things you can do to help your clients. 

    Make sure you know what to do, how to do it and build it in to the offer of your business. 

    If you’re not already getting this type of work, would you like to? If so, you’ll need facilitation skills to design the program or session, run it and get the outcomes needed. In this way you’ll get the most out of their time and their investment of getting everyone in the room on the same day.


    Already facilitating? 

    If you’re already facilitating, you can enhance your capability, step-up the type and level of work you can deliver and help your clients get even greater impact and outcomes when you work with them.  




    Program Fee AUD $2400 inclusive of gst 


    2 day workshop

    2 full days learning in an interactive faciliated environment


    Coaching Call Support

    A 1 hour 1:1 coaching call with Lynne Cazaly - after the program, when you need it. This could be prior to a workshop with a client. Lynne is available to plan and discuss the agenda, engagement or project with you or speak with you after the event to debrief and talk through what happened and how to build your capability further. You choose when you would like to work with Lynne to gain input and support with your facilitation. 



    Copies of Lynne Cazaly's books, relevant to facilitation:

    Leader as Facilitator: How to inspire, engage and get work done

    Making Sense: A Handbook for the Future of Work

    Visual Mojo: How to capture thinking, convey information and collaborate using visuals


    Online Learning Program: 'Facilitation Skills'.

    Immediate access to Lynne Cazaly's 5 module program that reinforces workshop learning and shares with you the techniques and tips to help you handle challenging situations. 


    Resources and Templates

    Agendas, questions, processes and tools that have been designed, tried and tested by Lynne Cazaly. These can be applied immediately, or adapted and used to suit your individual situations. 


    Program Fee: AUD $2400 inclusive of gst 

    Enrol via Eventbrite



    What people say:

    I wanted to say  how much I enjoyed your workshop on Facilitation Skills. It was like watching a truly awesome movie that I wanted to watch again as soon as it finished!
    Your lovely warm and vibrant approach had me intrigued from the start. Thank you again, I am feeling so inspired and energised – hoorah!! - Elisa Burgess, Melbourne Health

    I got some great to takeaways and look forward to implementing them in a variety of circumstances in my personal and professional life. - Dyan Burgess    

    I like the variety of presentation styles and model; and overall enthusiasm. The techniques and tools will be easily applied to my work and will improve my facilitation skills. - Lisa Stuffor

    I learnt techniques to improve my facilitation skills. I liked the interactive aspects of the course. - Kate Oregan

    I liked that the session was very interactive. Also, excellent choice of music. - Jason Sigar

    I liked that any topic, question, query, concern was on the table and we could spend time talking about it. We didn't 'park' it because it wasn't part of the training. - Peter Kyrkyli

    Really enjoyed the whole day. Never lost interest. Great energy and all topics covered valuable in work and personal situations. Thanks! - Loren Lawford 

    Thankyou very much for your insightful, engaging and generous facilitation today. I've got some important hindsight as a result, some new tools in my pocket, and a stronger commitment to keep improving my communication options and methods.... Thankyou. It's no simple gig to meet the needs of such a diverse set of sectors in one room and you did so today with relevance and respect. - Sal Dennis