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The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection and the Life-Changing Practice of Good Enough’


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with Lynne Cazaly
using The Visual Mojo Method
1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations

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      Lynne Cazaly  

      Conference & Keynote Speaker

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      Lynne Cazaly is an international speaker who is engaging, inspiring, creative and captivating. And did we say funny?!  As a thought leader in agile cultures, sensemaking, innovation and change, she presents on topics relevant to leaders who need to get the best out of their teams and boost performance. 

      Her sessions are interactive, practical, inspiring, humourous and entertaining.

      Lynne Cazaly brings a truly individual and unique element of live digital visuals to her presentations. Often live scribing on her ipad, she presents hand crafted visual slides, many created in the moment, and shares frank insights that hit home and give leaders immediate takeaways for action.

      Keynote presentations and workshop sessions of 30 mins - 2 hours are available.

      Full day and multi day workshops are also available.


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      Lynne Cazaly delivers local and international keynote sessions frequently rated by delegates as the highlight of the entire conference. She brings the subtle mix of human, humour and high impact messaging... and best of all, takeaway skills that are immediately put into practice by delegates.



      Keynote Topics include: 


      1. The Era of Ease 

      The world of work has changed. If you're a leader, you need to be more collaborative, able to help a group of individuals play to their strengths and get great work done. You need to be able to make the workplace safe for them to be themselves. And to be able to bring them together, to remove barriers, roadblocks and obstacles to their progress - not create them.

      This is a bigger role than just you and your title, your package, ego or status. You'll need to bring empathy, great listening skills, clever questioning capabilities and the ability to chill out - to stop being so driven, anxious and intense. 'Facilitation' means ease, to make easier. Today's world of work needs you to be a leader who makes things easier.

      That's making progress, meetings, problem-solving, conversations, influence, starting and finishing things - all easier. Help make it all easier. This is the era of ease.


      2. Cognitive Load Coping : The Perfect Conference Kick-Off

      Ensure the value of your conference is extended by equipping delegates with these clever, capable and comprehensive thinking skills.

      In this world of too much information - including information overload at conferences! - it doesn't take long before we feel the effects of cognitive overload. The pace of information isn't slowing down, so we'll have to adapt, learn a new capability that will help us think, manage, share and cope with information. 

      How are you currently handling information? Do you write lists of information using bullet points? Or type up slides of information to share in meetings? Do you use spread sheets rich in information but poor in context and meaning? 

      It's time to learn the immediately applicable skills of handling information overload. And quick!

      The techniques of cognitive load coping include things like: synthesis, chunking, context setting, actions and insights and a host of smart visual mapping tools that put dot points and messy lists to shame.

      Kick off your high value conference with this practical skills-based session to ensure delegates are primed and resourced to get the best out of the speakers and the program you've crafted, and can take these skills immediately back to their teams and workplace and do more with all that information!


      3. A Culture of Agility

      It's no secret that the principles of agile software development have been helping teams deliver quality software. But what if you're not in the tech business? Is there anything to be gained from all this 'agile speak'?

      Lynne Cazaly's keynote on Agile Cultures uncovers the elements of agility and shows you what works, why it works and how to adopt it in your world of work no matter your industry, business, team, size or sector. 

      It includes a practical application session where you can identify what to do now and next in applying agile principles and practices to how you think, work and collaborate. 


      4. Sensemaking: The Capability for a World of Uncertainty

      With sensemaking topping out as the number one capability for 2020 and beyond, there is increasing interest in understanding HOW to make sense and WHAT to do with what you think, know or find out. 

      In this keynote, Lynne Cazaly identifies how sensemaking works, what to do for your field or industry and how to leverage this unique human capability so you can engage better with customers and clients, work more effectively as an organisation and deliver greater commercial benefits in these challenging times. It includes skills to visually capture information, sketch, scribe and draw - and you don't need any drawing skills. 


       5. ish : The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection

      'ish' tackles the problems we face when we chase the elusive ‘perfect’ - whether we’re preparing a report or presentation at work, making something or working on any of our projects in life. 

      Excellence, quality and continuous improvement are important. But the pursuit of perfection …not so much. 

      Our drive to make things look, feel or seem perfect is dangerously on the rise and has dire consequences for how we feel about ourselves and how well we live, work and collaborate with others.

      Lynne Cazaly shares the latest thinking, information and ideas on the problems of going for perfect and how caring less and being more ‘ish’ – which means somewhat, more or less, to some extent - is a more flexible, helpful and happier way to think and work. 

      The idea of good enough is supported by successes like the lean startup movement, agile software development, and the Law of Diminishing Returns and the Pareto Effect. We can boost productivity, reduce stress and make our workplace a more enjoyable place to hang around.

      ish. Near enough is so often good enough on the things that don’t matter as much as we think they do. Lynne Cazaly suggests we need to care less about more, and care more about less. Make this year the year of ish. 



      Keynotes and workshops are also available on each of Lynne Cazaly's book titles: 

      • ish: The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection and the Life-Changing Practice of Good Enough
      • Agileish: How to create a culture of agility 
      • Leader as Facilitator: How to inspire, engage and get work done
      • Making Sense: A Handbook for the Future of Work
      • Create Change: How to apply innovation in an era of uncertainty
      • Visual Mojo: How to capture your thinking, convey information and collaborate using visuals




      Lynne Cazaly is a brilliant speaker for the tech industry, finance, education and health. She has thorough and relevant IP, presented and delivered in a way that's inspiring and uplifting - helping delegates see a way through global uncertainty and towards greater success, collaboration and progress. 




      What people say: 

      A clear message delivered with such humor. Thoroughly engaging and effective. - Lucy Raymond 

      Bright, vivacious, energetic, engaging, funny. Good timing with points. Good visuals. - Michelle Donahoe

      Love Lynne's energy and a variety of approaches used to keep the audience engaged. Fun! Thanks Lynne. - Anna Olyanskaya

      Thanks for sharing and making sense of the change process and making it relevant for todays world. I have been experiencing this sense of chaos for the past two years and had to lead the team through change.

      Animated, informative, able to take many keypoints for work. Enjoyable.

      Loved the stories and humor but making some really thought provoking challenges to the audience. - Jane Fraiser

      Put simply, very relevant when endeavouring startup teams and customer engagement. The path methodology is simple, practical and well-delivered visually. - Rosa Frigel 

      Lynne is an entertaining speaker and delivering her message and knowledge in a simple and effective way. The entertainment aspect is so important when trying to engage those that are resistant to even listening to or embracing change. - Branka

      Lively energetic presentation. Memorable for your creativity and use of different mediums. Stories, character voices, drawing and humor. Very talented. - Sharon Leadbetter


      Lynne has an excellent way of presenting concepts and ideas. She makes linkages far easier to comprehend and to understand how we can all work together better – Eileen Keane, Health Purchasing Victoria

      A fantastic session Lynne – can’t wait for the team to put this all into practice. Thanks for a wonderful, well paced, informative presentation. - Paul Heppell, Woolworths

      Such an engaging session! I particularly enjoyed the content on engaging people to collaborate. A memorable session that will make a difference. - Kim Garoni, MYOB

      100 degrees! Hot! Hot! Hot! - Liz Dorsett, Baw Baw Shire

      It was a fantastic session - so many tips, so inspiring

      Packed room, lots of laughter, great energy

      About 600 people crowded into Lynne Cazaly's session on visual agility

      Too busy in Lynne Cazaly's presentation to tweet! 

      Great talk by Lynne Cazaly - very inspiring.


      Lynne Cazaly, Keynote Speaker at:

      • AME : Facilitation, Visualisation and Improvisation 
      • Agile New Zealand : Agile-ish & Creating a Culture of Agility
      • Software Art Thou at Zendesk : Sensemaking 
      • IIBA, Business Analysis New Zealand: Sensemaking
      • Agile USA : Sensemaking 
      • Scrum Australia : Sensemaking
      • Future of Leadership Brisbane : Sensemaking 
      • Future of Leadership Sydney : Sensemaking 
      • Future of Leadership Melbourne: Sensemaking 
      • Project Management Institute Australia : Sensemaking
      • Lean Summit Australasia : Visual Thinking
      • Bond University Think Tank : Sensemaking
      • Institute of Business Brokers : Thought Leadership
      • Financial Executive Women : Own it
      • Commonwealth Bank Australia : Innovation Lab 
      • Women in Focus : Making Sense of Creativity
      • Agile New Zealand : Making Sense in Uncertainty
      • Australasian Lean Enterprise Summit : Visual Facilitation 
      • Executive Assistant Network : Innovation & Creativity, Conceptualise & Visualise
      • Agile Singapore : Visual Agility
      • Agile Singapore : High Impact Facilitation
      • IIBA, Business Analysts Development Day, New Zealand: Visual Agility
      • Scrum Alliance : High Impact Facilitation
      • Myer Innovation Forum : Visual Agility 
      • The Leader as Speaker : Great South Coast Leadership
      • Thought Leaders Business School : Visual Agility
      • Thought Leaders Speaker Showcase : Change 
      • Agile - Orlando, USA : Visual Agility
      • International Forum of Visual Practitioners - Berlin, Germany : Improvisation
      • International Forum of Visual Practitioners - Berlin, Germany : Thought Leadership
      • Agile Australia - Sydney : The Girl who Played with Paper
      • Community Leadership Australia : High Impact Facilitation
      • Agile and Lean Software Development Methods - Agile India : The Girl with the Chisel Tip Marker
      • Local Government Professionals : Visual Agility
      • Agile Tour Sydney : Maps, Models and Metaphors
      • REA Group : The Look of Love - Unforgettable User Stories
      • Agile Encore : The Girl with the Chisel Tip Marker
      • New Zealand Entrepreneur Organisation : Thought Leadership and How to make your big picture your competitive advantage
      • Agile Wellington : The Girl with the Chisel Tip Marker
      • LAST Conference : The Look of Love - Unforgettable User Stories
      • Baw Baw Shire Council : Youth Leadership Forum
      • Agile Australia : The Girl with the Chisel Tip Marker
      • International Association of Facilitators : Beyond Words
      • Knowledge Management Roundtable : The Engagers
      • Australasian Facilitators Network Conference : Maps, Models & Metaphors
      • City of Glen Eira/City of Kingston Mentor Network : Visual Business Models
      • Facilitation One Day Wonder : Visual Thinking
      • Victoria University The Jigsaw Project : Visual Thinking
      • MLC : Visual Thinking
      • Thriving in Uncertainty, Improvisation Conference : Visual Improv and Creativity
      • LAST Conference (Lean Agile Systems Thinking : Visual Collaboration
      • Bupa : Visual Thinking and Innovation
      • AMP : Positioning Value
      • Local Government Association Queensland : Community Engagement
      • City of Glen Eira : Business Planning with Visuals 
      • Bupa : Facilitation Skills for Projects
      • AEGIS : Graphic Recording & Graphic Facilitation
      • Leadership Victoria : Beyond Networking to Connecting
      • International Association of Facilitators : Visual Facilitation



      Contact Lynne Cazaly now to discuss your event