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 It's not 'drawing'...



with Lynne Cazaly
using The Visual Mojo Method
1 day practical workshop for your team
Build this powerful, influential skill to help make sense of change, communicate clearly and engage people in the most challenging situations

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MELBOURNE - September 11

PERTH - October 7

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    1 day practical workshop

    with Lynne Cazaly

    Using the Visual Mojo Method




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    Melbourne - September 11

    Perth - October 7 


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    Otherwise, let's run a workshop as an in-house program at your workplace or as part of a conference or event


    1 day workshop

    No drawing skills required




    It’s not about the drawing - yet we think it’s all about the drawing!

    I’ve been training people in sensemaking and visual facilitation over the past 10 years, and have to tell you, it’s not about the drawing. 
    Although you probably think it is all about the drawing. You may think, if you can just learn some icons, you’ll be able to do this, live sketching, visual thinking and visual facilitation and it use visuals in groups and meetings.
    Aaaah, but you see, it’s not just about the drawing. There is so much more to it than that.
    Even if you think your drawing is sh*t, I’ll work with you over the day to unpack so much more than getting you to draw some visual icons. 
    You’ll learn through my modelling and demonstration throughout the whole day:
    • how to facilitate AND draw
    • how to use templates (pre-prepared and live) that don’t look like they are standard
    • how to create your own style of images, facilitation tools and templates
    • how to think smarter so you can facilitate better
    • how to handle the stuff that happens in meetings, workshops and sessions - that's the human behaviour that no image is ever going to fix! 

    Leading a meeting, team or group? 

    Do you do that without using visuals… so everyone just sits (or stands) around and talks? 

    Noooooo!  It will be dull and disengaging after about … six minutes.

    That just won’t inspire anyone to do their best work!

    Bring the POWER of live visuals, templates, icons, images, posters, charts and graphic recording to EVERY workshop, meeting, presentation or session you lead. And you don't need to know how to draw - no pre-requisites required. None! Seriously, none. 

    The people at your meetings will LOVE you for it.  They’ll get more done, enjoy doing the work … and it will be awesome. Things will be clear, collaborative, and most of all productive. 

    Learn the techniques, icons, templates, tools, maps, models and metaphors for working with groups and teams with Lynne Cazaly, communication and collaboration expert and trainer of facilitators, graphic recorders and visual practitioners.

    What people say about the workshop…

    Awesome workshop. Nicely developed - simple drawing at start encouraged confidence. All excellent! - Jan Williams - Nomad 8

    I'll be using what I learnt here today immediately and have found it very valuable, thanks! - Gavin Coughlan - Boost

    The skill to convey information by visuals really is far more interesting than powerpoints - determined to use this. - Sharon Robinson

    Really enjoyed this and will defintely start using this when speaking - Nick Rowney

    Thought provoking - loved the basic building blocks of clarity - Herbert Booker

    Fantastic!! You have opened a whole new world to me and shown me I can draw and make visualisation so much more interesting - Megan Anderson, Telstra

    Lynne, simply superb. You are a great facilitator and model your message so well. Great structure, rich content, learning - Yamini Naidu

    Absolutely brilliant!!! Have progressed from ugly stick men +++ - thanks :-). Very useful tools and opportunity to practice. Got more than I expected! - Michelle Feenan, Engagement Plus

    Great day - encouraging, very practical, exciting and lots of encouragement from Lynne. Left feeling like I could do it - Steve Ray, Groupwork

    Loved it. Just brilliant. Thank you for encouraging me  - Em Campbell-Pretty

    Reinforced my ability to communicate by giving me instruction and pointers for visual language components, opportunity to practice, opportunity to share stores with others – Tim Mansour, AAP

    Fantastic course, can’t wait to put it into practice. Thanks for a wonderful, well paced, informative workshop – Paul Hellpell, Woolworths

    Working towards building my confidence in helping me facilitate workshops. Inspire me to want to learn, practice further  – Martyn Frank

    Totally awesome! Engaged the entire time and learned lots and met some clever people to boot! – Michael Rembach 

    Fantastic! Terrific value, materials, content, location. Generous sharing and support. Highly practical and recommended – Anneli Blundell, Motivation Matters

    Great tips, pace, energy and inspirational. Great examples, exemplified. Thank you. – Robyn Warnsbrough, FPWA



    9.30am - 4.30pm


    At your place of work!

    Includes all materials you’ll need for the day: markers, flip charts, visual journal, workbook

    And YES there’s more!

    You’ll also receive:

    - over 100 icons

    - 8 templates to use while you’re facilitating

    - a copy of Lynne Cazaly’s 160 page book ‘Visual Mojo’

    - immediate access to Lynne Cazaly’s 9-module online visual thinking program ‘Visual Mojo’ to revise and revisit the day's content

    - and the opportunity to ask any question at any time throughout the day.

    …. that’s more than an additional $450 in value


    Note that Lynne Cazaly is not affiliated with any specific supplier or product. You'll get independent advice, support and training in the program and create and develop your own style, skill and expertise. 


    More comments from previous workshop participants: 

    Loved the energy and different approaches used to share your skills and experiences with us. Made it something achievable to look professional without drawing skills - Iain Sandercock - RMIT

    Great flow to the day... well run program, delivered with enthusiasm. Good use of and sharing of tools that are practical and immediately applicable - Brandon Miller, Wiley

    Very hands on to build confidence. Focus on tools of the trade was very hepful - Leanne Grew, TAL

    Fun, engaging, so useful. Great to have opportunity to look at own project and practice, present and get feedback. Great learning about use of markers. Metaphors were useful and great resources and information about resources - Megan Baker

    I loved the use of different icons and learnings about structuring the story and usage of paper/screen 'real estate'. I want to apply this technique in software architecture. Great stuff. - TJ Gokcen

    Extremely engaging and I can already see so many uses of the techniques to decrease 'talk time' in meetings, but mainly how to convey meaning and gain alignment adn buy in to change. - Kate Barnes, Benetas

    Made me thinking about how to simply increase the impact of my work. A very valuable day. No drawing expertise required. - Leanne Lawrence, Benetas


    To have the workshop inhouse, just for your team or organisation? 

    Enquire directly to Lynne and let's talk!